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Whether you are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms or just need advice from a doctor, telemedicine is a great option to access healthcare. NCH offers video visits with licensed doctors with extensive experience and training about Coronavirus infections. You can speak with a physician from the comfort and safety of your own home. Because Coronavirus is so easily spread, telemedicine has become a preferred way for many people to visit with a doctor. With NCH's telehealth services, our easy-to-use video visits allow you to:

  1. Talk with your doctor one-on-one for 15-minute appointments
  2. Assess your symptoms
  3. Get advice on whether or not you should receive a Coronavirus test
  4. Order lab tests
  5. Have your physician send prescriptions to your local pharmacy
  6. Obtain referrals to local doctors if you need to be seen in-person
Why Coronavirus Telemedicine Services

Telehealth services can even order labs, send prescriptions to your pharmacy, or refer patients to local doctors if in-person care is determined to be necessary.

Telemedicine is valuable for everyone. If you are infected with Coronavirus (or suspect you might be infected), a telemedicine consultation keeps you at home, gets you the care you need, and reduces the risk of spreading the infection to others in the community. If you are not infected but still need basic medical care or advice, telemedicine allows you to get direct access to care while avoiding a high-risk clinic environment. Reducing the number of in-person patients supports social distancing guidance, reduces the strain on healthcare teams, and conserves personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers.

How To Access NCH Coronavirus Telemedicine Services

To access NCH's telemedicine services, please follow these steps:

  1. Register with NCH using the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner of the page (use the "Book" button above if you've already logged in).
  2. Validate your eligibility for free services.
  3. Select an available appointment slot (up to 3 slots per week for eligible users).
  4. Use the provided website link to meet with your doctor via video at your appointment time.
Prepare for Your Coronavirus Telehealth Service Appointment

Take a few minutes to prepare for your Coronavirus telehealth appointment.

Check your access to the NCH link and download any browser or app updates that may be required.

Have a list of symptoms ready to share with your doctor. Do you have a fever? Cough? Shortness of breath? A loss of taste or smell? Be sure to include them and any other symptoms on the list, along with the duration and the frequency of the symptoms. You'll also want to alert your doctor if you've had a known Coronavirus exposure.

Your doctor may want a few baseline readings from you. Have a thermometer ready to take your temperature. If you have a scale, some doctors may want your current weight. If you have access to a blood pressure cuff, be prepared to take your current blood pressure. If you have diabetes, make sure you have a current blood sugar reading ready to share with the doctor.

Have a list of all medications you are taking, including vitamins minerals and herbs. Whether prescription or over the counter, your doctor will want to know what medicines you are taking and why.

At your appointment time, find a quiet place to conduct your visit. Just like with an in-person appointment, it’s a good idea to log into the video chat a few minutes early.

Have your appointment personal identification number (PIN) ready if you are accessing your visit with a phone call instead of a video call.

Consult with a doctor remotely
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For patients, NCH is a treatment center for Coronavirus and common health issues. You can book a telehealth appointment with a doctor, speak with a therapist in a video call or get a professional disinfection for your home.

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