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NCH is your information resource and treatment center for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). You can book an appointment with a doctor, speak with a therapist or get a professional disinfection for your home.

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Access medical care right from your own home.

Whether you are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms or just need advice from a doctor, telemedicine is a great option to access healthcare. Because Coronavirus is so easily spread, patients exhibiting symptoms are encouraged to utilize telemedicine as a first step to assess their infection risk. NCH offers free telemedicine services to eligible users. You can talk with a licensed doctor from the comfort and safety of your home, determine if you need a Coronavirus test, and get advice on managing your symptoms and reducing the risk to others in your household.

Mental Health Service

Talk to a therapist from the safety of home.

Living in a global pandemic, regardless of whether you are experiencing Coronavirus infection or not, introduces feelings of stress, anxiety, and even depression. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life and current events, NCH offers access to free talk therapy for users experiencing mental illness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, or distress as a result of Coronavirus.

Disinfection Service

Have a professional disinfect your home.

Disinfecting your home after Coronavirus infection is a critical step to slow the spread of the virus to others in your household and reduce the risk of reinfection. Disinfection goes deeper than simply cleaning surfaces, and professional disinfection services utilize heavy-duty cleaning solutions to provide in-depth sterilization of surfaces. For eligible users, NCH will send a professional disinfection service provider to your home for disinfection.

Education For Infected Patients

Have you been diagnosed with Coronavirus?

If you have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, you likely have questions about how to care for yourself and how to avoid avoid spreading the virus to others in your household, and effectively quarantine. NCH offers free access to educational resources, advice, content, and tips from public health and medical experts.

Prevention Education

Learn how to reduce your risk for Coronavirus infection.

Not infected but want to learn how to avoid contracting Coronavirus? Utilize NCH guides to gain access to free content, tips, and direction from infectious disease and public health experts. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from contracting the Coronavirus.

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For patients, NCH is a treatment center for Coronavirus and common health issues. You can book a telehealth appointment with a doctor, speak with a therapist in a video call or get a professional disinfection for your home.

National Coronavirus Hotline
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